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Pecora Capital  is a global investment management firm. Our aim is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns by investing across a broad and expanding range of asset classes. We seek long-term capital appreciation, unlock value and propel growth during all types of economic conditions. Further we target absolute returns with moderate volatility, and low correlation to traditional asset classes.

Independence and Integrity

At Pecora, the principle of independence and integrity in our research is paramount. Analyzing global markets with discipline and focus, we employ a diverse range of strategies in an effort to bring capital to its fullest potential and deliver consistent investment returns to our clients. We do this by working harder, seeing farther, and by empowering the world’s most talented minds with the tools and culture they need to achieve peak performance.

We are an owner-run company that is not subject to the constraints of a corporation or a bank. In other words our independence enables us to implement our ideas consistently and to help our clients’ capital fulfill its greatest potential across a diverse range of investment strategies and markets.


The story behind

our company name

Pecora Capital’s namesake is Ferdinand Pecora, a Sicilian immigrant to New York who overcame enormous odds to become one of the most important regulators in financial history.  The Pecora Commission led to extensive regulatory reforms in the aftermath of the Great Depression promoting a secure and competitive financial sector.


Ferdinand Pecora (January 6, 1882 – December 7, 1971) was an American lawyer and judge who became famous in the 1930s as Chief Counsel to the United States Senate Committee on Banking and Currency during its investigation of Wall Street banking and stock brokerage practices.Ferdinand Pecora was appointed Chief Counsel to the U.S. Senate's Committee on Banking and Currency in January 1933, the last months of the Herbert Hoover presidency.  The Senate committee hearings that Pecora led probed the causes of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 that launched a major reform of the American financial system.Pecora's investigation unearthed evidence of irregular practices in the financial markets that benefited the rich at the expense of ordinary investors, including exposure of Morgan’s “preferred list” by which the bank’s influential friends (including Calvin Coolidge, the former president, and Owen J. Roberts, a justice of Supreme Court of the United States) participated in stock offerings at steeply discounted rates. He also revealed that National City sold off bad loans to Latin American countries by packing them into securities and selling them to unsuspecting investors, that Wiggin had shorted Chase shares during the crash, profiting from falling prices, and that Mitchell and top officers at National City had received $2.4 million in interest-free loans from the bank’s coffers.Spurred by these revelations, the United States Congress enacted the Glass–Steagall Act, the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. With the United States in the grips of the Great Depression, Pecora's investigations highlighted the contrast between the lives of millions of Americans in abject poverty and the lives of such financiers as J.P. Morgan, Jr.; under Pecora's questioning, Morgan and many of his partners admitted that they had paid no income tax in 1931 and 1932; they explained their failure to pay taxes by reference to their losses in the stock market's decline.After Pecora closed his investigations, on July 2, 1934, President Roosevelt appointed Ferdinand Pecora a Commissioner of the newly formed U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Our Clients at the Center

Diverse Strategies for a Range of Market Opportunities

Ideas are not enough in the pursuit of successful investments. Our team members share the commitment to pursuing superior returns, applying their talents to fundamental research and analysis to bring their insights to market. Guided by these imperatives, we move swiftly and deliberately to capitalize on opportunities having the greatest potential. Within a broad range of investment strategies, the company’s investment objective is to preserve capital and to seek maximum, long-term capital appreciation commensurate with reasonable risk.

Other than the investment strategies our clients are at the center of everything we do. They are global, with complex challenges that require deep investment expertise and dedicated client service to help them achieve their unique investment goals.

AT a glance



Strict adherence to a well-defined, and time-tested investment approach without style drift


Our goal is to forge long-term relationships with our clients built upon trust. As strategic partner we are providing ongoing knowledge transfer and tailored client services to meet their distinct needs


Alongside our clients, we view managing risk as a strategic priority


Intelligent and responsive hedging of current market and political events, market periods, business- and scenario specific


Assets are tactically allocated based on the analysis that identify investment opportunities


Concentrate capital and research on highest conviction investment ideas


Handelsblatt, 7.November 2022

"Berkshire Hathaway: Warum die teuerste Aktie der Welt als unterbewertet gilt"

Der Konzern von Starinvestor Warren Buffett ist für die Zeiten hoher Zinsen gut aufgestellt. Trotz Verlusten im dritten Quartal raten Analysten zum Kauf der Aktie.

Handelsblatt, 27. August 2020

"Warren Buffetts letzte große Wette"

Der Star-Investor wird am Sonntag 90 Jahre alt. Schon lange wartet er darauf, dass die Preise am Aktienmarkt wieder sinken – und er sich noch einmal als großer Dealmaker beweisen kann.

Handelsblatt, 15. Januar 2019

"Berkshire Hathaway – Warum sich ein Investment in die teuerste Aktie der Welt lohnen könnte"

Warren Buffett hat die einstige Textilfirma groß gemacht – und seine Anleger reich. Für einen Einstieg ist es auch heute nicht zu spät, sagen Experten.

CNBC, 7. August 2018

"US-China tariffs will hurt Mercedes, BMW the most: Pecora Capital"

Thomas Kleber, global head of equities at Pecora Capital, speaks about how European carmakers will be impacted by the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China.

Handelsblatt, 6. August 2018

"Warren Buffetts Aktie ist eine teure und solide Anlage"

Eine einzige Aktie von Berkshire Hathaway kostet aktuell 305 000 Dollar. Aber es gibt auch die günstigeren B-Aktien für Kleinanleger. Sie bleiben eine solide Anlage.

HFM Week, 13. Juli 2018

"Pecora eyes foothold in 'prohibitive' Germany"

Despite its reputation, the country has some attractions for managers looking to explore new markets.

Handelsblatt, 25. September 2017

“HÖHENFLUG DER US-BÖRSEN. Die unheimliche Rally“

Die US-Notenbank Fed entzieht der Börse mehr und mehr ihre Unterstützung. Viele Experten glauben, dass die schon über acht Jahre andauernde Hausse an der Wall Street trotzdem weitergeht. Aber sie werden vorsichtiger.

CNBC, 27. Mai 2013

"Pecora's Smith: Bearish GBP/USD, Testing March Lows"

Aaron Smith, managing director at Pecora Capital, tells CNBC there is much less conviction and enthusiasm for Japanese Yen shorts

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